Elote Corn



Our Mission Statement

Food connects us. It is a common language we all share no matter who or where we are. When we gather around a table to share a meal, all our differences melt away. Our mission is a simple one... Create a sauce that goes beyond borders that makes any meal more enjoyable. 

And hopefully, bring people together more often.

About Us

Our story will sound quite familiar to many of you. Diane and I met at the restaurant where we both worked. She was the beautiful waitress and I, the cook and sauce guy in the kitchen. She agreed to a home cooked dinner made by yours truly, and it must have been good because she stuck around.

A few years later, we started our company Mike & Diane’s Gourmet Kitchen with little more than a simple idea of making hot sauce from a recipe that I created. We thought it would be our ticket out of the restaurant and in many ways it was. As word-of-mouth spread about our Ring of Fire Hot Sauce, sales took off. Quickly, the demand for our hot sauce grew and so we built our own manufacturing plant and began making all kinds of sauces that we sold here and abroad.


After 25 years of making Ring of Fire Sauces for retail sales, the allure of restaurants which laid dormant for so many years emerged once again. With our background in food manufacturing and restaurants, we wanted to use our experience in both to create the ideal hot sauce for food service. Of course, it would have to be delicious as well as versatile. And, it had to be a multi-tasking ingredient that would be at home anywhere in a restaurant, from kitchen, to bar, to table.

It took 18 months of dedication to perfect what we call "the world's greatest condiment" and we named it "Mezclajeté® Especial"

"Our customers are obsessed with this sauce, so much so that we had to start selling it. Bringing Mezclajeté in was the best thing we've ever done."

Aly Jeffery - Burger Bench, Escondido, CA

We are honored to share your table.

Mike & Diane