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Absolutely! Mezclajeté® Especial is great as a wing sauce or you can check out our wing sauce recipes at:

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Practically everything! Eggs, potatoes, fries, nacho fries, pizza, chili, burgers, wings, tacos, burritos, nachos, Hot Dogs, soups, sandwiches, fried chicken, shrimp, and even hummus to name a few things. Or you can try one of our Mezclajeté Signature Sauces to complement any of the above foods. Signature Sauces
On a scale of 1 to 10, Mezclajeté® Especial heat level is between 2 and 3.
It’s a very user-friendly sauce for your table, kitchen, and bar.
Definitely! Mezclajeté® Especial signature flavor is fantastic in Bloody Mary’s, Micheladas and more. Check out the different cocktails with Mezclajeté® Especial at Mezclajeté Cocktails


We made up the name Mezclajeté®. In the beginning, we wanted to name our sauce Molcajete but were advised to create a unique name instead. Mezcla translated as “blend or mixture” and we liked the way Jete sounded, so we combined Mezcla and Jete to create Mezclajeté®
There are 16 (13.3oz) bottles per case.
1 case of Mezclajeté® Especial weighs 16 lbs.
For local orders, 2-3 days for delivery.
For Shipped Orders, 1-2 days to process and ship your order.
For Pallets, 7-10 days to process and ship orders.
We do ship by the pallet. A 40" x 48" pallet holds a maximum of 120 cases of Mezclajeté® Especial.
Please fill out the Request Sample form at: mezclajetefoodservice.com/contact and we will send you a sample of Mezclajeté® Especial with all the details. (psst…It’s less than you think)
We offer free delivery locally in most parts of San Diego County.
Shipping outside of our locality is shipped via UPS at their current rates.
Pallet shipments will be shipped at the best available freight rate unless shipping Freight Collect.
1 case of 16 bottles.
If we are shipping via UPS, we recommend ordering in 2 case increments; it is the most cost-effective way to ship
You must email info@mezclajete.com or call 619.442.0412 to schedule a pick-up at our facility.
No refrigeration is needed after opening.
Credit Card, Check or COD. Terms will be based on approved credit.
Mezclajeté® Especial Salsa Picante is gluten friendly.
We do not use any gluten ingredients in our Mezclajeté® Especial but it is not certified gluten free.
Mezclajeté® Especial Salsa Picante is vegan friendly.
18 months from manufacturing date.
Currently, we do not offer Gallons.
Currently, we distribute Mezclajeté® ourselves. We are hoping, with your help that one or all of the major Foodservice
Distributors will be selling our product soon.