Q.  We already have the standard hot sauces, why do we need Mezclajeté®?

To stand out, you need unique, signature flavors. As an ingredient Mezclajeté® Especial is a consistent and distinctive addition to sauces, dressings and even cocktails. And, it does all that for a lot less than most supermarket sauces you see on every restaurant table. From Breakfast Eateries to Sports Bars, Burger Lounges, Taco Shops and American Diners, Mezclajeté® does it all!

Q.  I have limited table and dry storage space, how does Mezclajeté® fit?

Mezclajeté® bottles fit into most table condiment caddies and do NOT need to be refrigerated after opening. Its durable plastic bottle is safe for front and back of the house. You can store it almost anywhere. 


Yum! Mezclajeté® Tacos


Tasty! Pitcher of Mezclajeté® Michelada

Q. What does Mezclajeté® Especial taste like? And how hot is it?

Mezclajeté® Especial is a blend of smoky Chipotle and sweet Guajillo chiles, rounded out with Garlic, Onion and a hint of Black Pepper. The heat is mild-to-medium with a unique yet familiar taste that appeals to everybody. It adds an extra layer of delicious flavor to virtually every type of food.

From Kitchen, to Bar to Table, Mezclajeté® Especial has you covered!

Request your free sample today and make Mezclajeté® Especial your go-to hot sauce.

Mezclajeté ® is Freakin' delicious and your customers will LOVE IT!

    A simple set of tasty ingredients in a To-Go Sachet.
    Mezclajeté Especial Salsa Picante is a hot sauce lover's dream.

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